Introducing our New Yellowtail Teriyaki Bento

October 3rd, 2018

【Introducing New Yellowtail Teriyaki Bento】

Samurice is now introducing a new bento that is perfect for important meeting occasion!

Yellowtail Teriyaki is one of the most popular fish cuisines in Japan.
We use a fresh yellowtail is shipped directly from Japan so that you can enjoy Japanese cuisine as it is.

Our Yellowtail Teriyaki Bento has a secret in its cooking process.
After being marinated with soy sauce and cooking wine, the fish is cooked by far and near infrared rays at the same time. Far- infrared ray heats up the fish from inside by vibrating its molecules, while near- infrared ray heats the surface of the fish so that extra water evaporates and leaves nice burning marks.

The combination of rays replicates the charcoal fire that is ideal for cooking a fish.
The fire makes perfect cravings for Japanese rice!

Side dishes are full of vegetables such as spinach, root veggies, and pumpkin, so that bento is healthy as always.

Authentic and healthy bento is perfect for a special occasion such as an important meeting.

Yellowtail Teriyaki Bento is available at Novena Outlet and online store: