March New Lunch, Seaweed Bento and Chirashi Sushi Onigiri

March 15th, 2018

Never tried Seaweed Bento before?
It’s a typical Japanese lunch box that rice comes with dried bonito flakes, soy sauce, and the seaweed covering.

This March will be the best time to try out this simple yet delicious Seaweed Bento, as we have launched two types, Salmon Seaweed Bento ($12) and White Fish Seaweed Bento($10).


Salmon Seaweed Bento comes with Grilled salmon, fried chikuwa (fish paste), burdock sauté, Hokkaido kombu, and hardboiled egg.
It’s somewhat smallish yet fulfilling with dried bonito flakes and seaweed underneath the topping.

Needless to say, slightly salted salmon, broiled at our shop goes perfectly with rice.


White Fish Seaweed Bento comes with a fried white flesh fish, topped with Samurice’s homemade tartar sauce.

The tartar sauce is made from hardboiled egg, cucumber, onion and pickles and yogurt is added as a secret ingredient.

Enjoy the fresh combination of fried fish and light tartar sauce.


Onigiri for March is Chirashi Sushi Onigiri($3).
Just the right time of year to have this seasoned rice onigiri, as the bright yellow egg and orange salmon flakes add spring-color to the rice.

One whole shrimp is lavishly topped.

You can get our March New menu from below Samurice outlet and delivery service (

・Raffles Place outlet(only Chirashi Sushi Onigiri available)
・Novena outlet
・Star Vista outlet
・Orchard Wisma outlet
・Tanjong Pagar outlet