Karaage Don in 3 choices of sauce

June 9th, 2018

Samurice’s signature dish, chicken karaage is now available as Don with eight pieces of freshly fried Karaage topped on rice together with greens and hardboiled egg.

Hearty meal satisfying both your stomach and wallet at $12.

You can choose from three different kinds of homemade sauce to top your Karaage.

●Spicy Chili Karaage Don
The mixture of gochujang(Korean red chili paste), chili sauce and shichimi(red pepper and spices) and a hint of sugar brings you piquant yet mild chili sauce that goes so well with Karaage.

●Black Pepper Karaage Don
Deep sesame flavor comes from the mixture of two kinds of sesame, black white.

●Creamy Cheese Karaage Don
The sauce has rich flavor of cheese and sake, and is joined with Japanese tasty dried bonito flakes, generously topped above the sauce.

Now available from online store. , or visit Novena and Star Vista outlet.

For inquiry about product, please send email to (TO: Akari)