Introducing our genuine Saba Saikyo-Yaki Bento

July 21st, 2018

Kyoto-origin Japanese dish, now available at Samurice shop.
Saikyo-miso is a kind of miso made in Kansai (the western region of Japan), particularly in Kyoto.
It’s sweet, white color tinged with yellow and contains lots of komekoji (rice malt).
Saikyo-Yaki is a dish of grilled fish after marinating the fish in Saikyo-miso with mirin and sake.

Fish marinated in miso increases the amount of amino acid such as glutamine, glycine, leucine and said to add umaimi, a tastiness of food which pairs beautifully with rice.

What’s better, it’s less salty compared to standard brown miso.
While brown miso contains about 12% salt, Saikyo-miso is about 5%, producing a sweet sensitive elegant aroma, uniquely of Saikyo-Yaki.

We know you love our Saba Shio Bento and Saba Teriyaki Bento.
And we’re sure you’ll love our Saikyo-Yaki Bento as well.
Available at Samurice Tanjong Pagar outlet or online store.