Introducing Super Healthy Barley Mix Rice Onigiri

June 18th, 2018

SAMURICE has started to sell Mochimugi (Barley), a super healthy food that’s creating a stir in Japan now.

It’s drawing so much attention because barley contains abundant insoluble dietary fiber, “barley β-glucan”.
It’s been proven that this “β-glucan” has so many good effects to our body.

The β-glucan in barely improves internal environment of intestines by feeding useful enteric bacteria living in intestines.
Plus, it’s been reported that β-glucan restrains carbohydrate from being absorbed and suppresses the sudden rise in blood sugar level after the meals.

Barely also helps regulate your bowel movements as it contains 20 times as much dietary fiber as the milled rice.
Imagine how refreshing it would be if you become regular.
It’s also ideal for breakfast and lunch as it keeps you from getting sleepy thanks to the effect of β-glucan which calms sudden rise in the blood sugar level.

Samurice at Raffles Place is now offering Onigiri using this superfood mixed with rice.
Choices of ingredients are, Sakura Shrimp & Edamame, Salmon & Wakame (Seaweed), Wasabi & Edamame and Young Sardine with Ume.
Check out our outlet as menu varies on a daily basis.
Barley Mix Rice Onigiri is available at Raffles Place outlet or send delivery request to