Bento for Vegetarians is now available!

January 5th, 2018

Bento for Vegetarians is now available!

We serve the Vegetarian Bento ($15) for vegetarians.

Japanese dishes normally include lots ingredients, and our culture does not have a lot of food restrictions so that it is difficult to grasp the concept of vegetarians.
That is why we offer the Vegetarian Bentos so that everyone can enjoy authentic Japanese food.

Our Vegetarian Bento contains soybean chicken nuggets, vegetarian meat with mushroom sauce, sweet potatoes,
okra and beans, fried eggplant and yuzu miso, rice with Edamame and sesame.

The Vegetarian Bento is popular with business meetings because of the diversity of nationality and religions in the meeting.

For inquiry about Vegetarian Bento, please email to (To: Akari)