Introducing our New Yellowtail Teriyaki Bento

【Introducing New Yellowtail Teriyaki Bento】 Samurice is now introducing a new bento that is perfect for import…READ MORE

Participated JAS Summer Festival 2018@Singapore National Stadium

SAMURICE participated the event called JAS Summer Festival 2018 held on September 8th and 9th.   The fest…READ MORE

SAMURICE was opened at JPSG event

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Introducing our genuine Saba Saikyo-Yaki Bento

Kyoto-origin Japanese dish, now available at Samurice shop. Saikyo-miso is a kind of miso made in Kansai (the …READ MORE

Introducing Yakiniku Bento

Imagine rice topped with tender juicy yakiniku. If you are yakiniku lover, you must have experienced an irresi…READ MORE