Brand Concept

About our brand

Zeal for Japanese Rice

Samurai can't fight on an empty stomach.

This proverb means Samurai cannot fight because of lack of power before having a good meal and get energy.

Samurai, which is the symbol of Japanese culture, had Onigiri and Bento as a portable food for a long time, and rice was an essential source of energy for them who lived a hard life. Our brand name, SAMURICE, is from Samurai and rice, which we think are the symbol of Japanese culture, and we took this name as we image SAMURAI promote RICE culture to all over the world. In present day, Onigiri and Bento, which are full of joys and Japanese food culture, are still one of the Japanese soul food. We promote our Japanese traditional Onigiri and Bento from Singapore to Asia, from Asia to the world so that we bring the tasty, joy, and healthiness of Japanese food culture to the world.

Our Onigiri, Bento

Long Established Ingredients

Onigiri, which is sometimes called as ‘Omusubi’, is the popular food from child to adult. We make Onigiri by putting your favorite ingredients in hot rice which is just cooked, and press the rice into a ball heartily and make them fluffy inside and firmly outside. Onigiri was born 2000 years ago, and it was eaten as portable food when Samurai was exist. After that, variety of Bento like ‘Makunouchi Bento’ was made in 1600’s, then Bento spread to whole of Japan.

Today, Onigiri and Bento are eaten by many situation; as fast food for busy business man, as trip lunch which made by mothers for their children, as supper for students or as picnic lunch with cherry-blossom viewing. Onigiri and Bento include variety of ingredients from seafood and mountain vegetables so that they are like a jewelry box which is full of Japanese food and joys.

There are ingredients which go well with rice without number, and there are endless possibilities when thinking of fusion with Asian food including Singapore and Onigiri and Bento. We are aiming to make products which are suitable for each country, religion, and scene in the world, and develop ‘Onigiri’ and ‘Bento’ culture to all over the world.

Our Onigiri and Bento’s point

Rice is cultivated with much time and effort by Japanese farmers, then cooked by best balance of water and best cooking way, and made into Onigiri and Bento hand by hand by our staff.

In addition to the ingredients inside, our Onigiri has topping so that you can enjoy our full of ingredients and filling Onigiri. We are also particular about the pressing way, we press fluffy, not firmly, so that customers can feel graininess of rice.

Our ingredients

Corporate Event

We use selected items with safe and secure such as Japanese rice, seaweed, Miso, soy sauce, and ingredients from Japanese traditional brand or Japanese quality of food.

Our rice

Long Established Ingredients

The essence of Onigiri and Bento is nothing but rice.

We particularly focus on the selection of rice, and we use Japanese rice produced by partnering farms in Akita and Niigata. You can enjoy the taste and sweetness of rice even after it become cold. The point of deliciousness is our cooking way which is full of Umami with kelp. As we can provide customers the taste of rice, we have own method and quality control through all of our processes, as storage of rice, washing, inundation, and cooking.

Our Vision

Create new value for Onigiri and Bento, being the leading brand in the world.

Our Missions

  • Tell the taste of Japanese rice all over the world through Onigiri and Bento and contribute to expansion of export of Japanese rice and agricultural revitalization in Japan.
  • Promote the deliciousness, joys and healthiness of Japanese food culture into whole of the world.
  • Develop Bentos tailored to any country, religions and scene to spread Bento culture to the world.