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August 16th, 2018

Today, “Vegetarian” is one of the keywords of new generation. However, our understanding of the true definition of vegetarian or what motivates vegetarians is vague. This article can be a guide to understand deeply about vegetarians.


Table of contents

  • 1, Definition of “Vegetarian”
  • 2, Different types of vegetarian
  • 3, Why become a Vegetarian?
  • 4, Japanese food and Vegetarian
  • 5, Vegetarian Bento of SAMURICE


1, Definition of “Vegetarian”

Vegetarian is a term of people who does not consume any of meat or fish, but only vegetables and other nutritious foods.

It is often misunderstood that the word “vegetarian” stems from an English term “vegetable”, while the correct root is a Latin word “vegetus”, which is an adjective stand for healthy, lively and full of vitality.


2, Different Types of Vegetarian


We use the term“vegetarian”in a daily basis, but it is relatively a broad definition. The word “vegetarian”can be narrowed down into many different categories, based on what people believes in.


semi-vegetarians: do not eat red-meats

fish-vegetarians: eat milk, eggs and fishes

Lacto-ovo-vegetarians:eat both dairy products and eggs

Lacto-vegetarians:eat dairy products but avoid eggs

Ovo-vegetarians:Eats eggs but not dairy products

Vegans:do not eat dairy products, eggs, or any other products which are derived from animals

Fruitarians: eat only fruits or nuts that can be harvested without killing any kind of livings including plants

3, Why Become a Vegetarian?


What are the motivation of being a vegetarian?


1、Healthy Life

Being a vegetarian can prevent to overconsume fat and cholesterol, which can lead to lowering the risk of heart disease. Eating vegetables and fruits is one of the ways to prevent a cancer. Other than that, people simply choose to become a vegetarian so that they can lose excess weight.



Cows, pigs or roosters are raised on factory farms. Factory farms emit a greenhouse gas more than a car does and is a cause of deforesting. To protest such violations on environment, people become a vegetarian and choose not to consume meats or fishes.


3、Innocent Animals

Vegetarians find no difference among cats or dogs and cows, pigs or roosters. Killing animals just to eat them is not acceptable for vegetarians. Those people called “vegans” do not only protest violating animals as a food, but as products such as leathers, wools, animal-tested cosmetics. Some vegetarians like “Fruitarians” not only cares about animals but plants. They strain to not to consume products that kill animals or plants. They only eat things that can be harvested without killing plants, such as fruits or nuts. As you can see, how strict the rule can be depends on each person’s policy or principle, and that explains why the definition of vegetarian is so broad.

4, Japanese Food and Vegetarian


So far, we know that vegetarians have different definitions for each category. If each vegetarian consumes things in a different way, what does Japanese food mean to vegetarians? Does Japanese food go along with a principle of vegetarians?


So-called “Umami” is one of the best features of Japanese food. This “Umami” comes from “dashi”, a type of soup and cooking stock, which forms the base of Japanese cuisine. Most of side dishes of bento uses “dashi” as a base. Some “dashi” comes from a bonito, a fish, or a seaweed. Vegetarians who does not allow themselves to consume fish or plant might not go along with Japanese food.


Japanese cuisine has a deep relationship with fishes. Sushi is one of the most popular Japanese food around the world. Japanese cuisine has a purpose to enjoy different types of fishes according to 4 different seasons. It seems like there are some difficulties that cannot be overcome between Japanese cuisine and vegetarians. However, those vegetarians who allow themselves to have a fish may enjoy Japanese food as well.


Each vegetarian has different rules and principles, and depending on that, vegetarians can also enjoy Japanese cuisine. If there is a Japanese cuisine menu specialized for vegetarians, such as vegetarian bento, the possibility that vegetarians can embrace both their principles and Japanese food still remains.

5, Vegetarian Bento of SAMURICE

Huge trend of vegetarian show how world is becoming diverse, and we, SAMURICE is confident that we are prepared to this movement. We have created a vegetarian bento that is completely vegetarian friendly but with an aspect of Japanese cuisine remained still, which we believe we are the only one that serves genuine vegetarian Japanese food. Our vegetarian bento or onigiri are available both at the store or online. Our vegetarian bento can be delivered to your place, which means our bento is suitable for lunch meeting, lunch at work, or even at your house!


One of our most popular vegetarian Bento is “Simmered Tofu Fritters Bento”.


Simmered Tofu Fritters is called “Ganmo(がんも)” in Japanese, and it is made of crushed tofu mixed with vegetables such as carrot, lotus root or burdock root. It is completely vegetarian dish and healthy at the same time. All of other side dishes are also vegetarian friendly.


Our vegetarian bento or onigiri are available both at the store or online. Our vegetarian bento can be delivered to your place, which means our bento is suitable for lunch meeting, lunch at work, or even at your house!


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