The Three recommended Gourmet Onigiris

January 7th, 2019

Japanese soul food ‘Rice Ball’ or Onigiri are handy and easy to bight so it’s usually considered a casual food that we consume on a daily basis. But using different foodstuff for filling, it could be totally different Onigiri, that is, ‘Gourmet Onigiri’. At Samurice, we offer a wide range of Onigiris from regular Onigiris that you can enjoy every day to Gourmet Onigiris, using fresh marine delicacies. Here are three kinds of Gourmet Onigiris that you may want to try once in a while to treat yourself.

Gourmet Onigiri

Classic Ikura Onigiri

Classis Ikura Onigiri

Among Gourmet Onigiris of Samurice, Ikura is the most favorite, classic flavor. The sweetness of Japanese rice, Ikura’s scent of the ocean, and the saltiness of soy sauce are no doubt the exquisite combination. Large Ikura dipped in soy sauce are from Aomori prefecture. Enjoy the delicious Ikura flavor burst in your mouth.

Another thing about Ikura Onigiri is that it’s the kind that requires most technique to form the Onigiri shape. As Ikura is dipped in soy sauce and contains lots of juice, most care is needed or the juice will pass through rice causing it to crumble. So the balance between rice and Ikura is important. Plus, each grain of Ikura is very delicate and can break easily. When forming an Onigiri, you need to move your wrist, envelop Ikura gently with rice.

At Samurice, we open Ikura package right before using them so they are always fresh. Glossy and shiny Ikura is mouthwatering just looking at it. As Ikura is lavishly used for filling as well as a topping, you can indulge in the gorgeous flavor of Ikura from the first bight. If you haven’t tried our classic Ikura Onigiri, come and have a try!

Fluffy Unagi Onigiri

Fluffy Unagi Onigiri

At Samurice, we proud ourselves on using one whole piece of Unagi for an Onigiri. Rice is mixed with Unagi sauce to add more flavor. There are several steps before Unagi can be used in Onigiri and preparation of Unagi is all done in our kitchen.

First, we use sake to take away the strong smell of Unagi. Then we cut in pieces, put sauce on top and broil the Unagi skin with a burner. As the skin gets slightly burnt, it brings out the sweet smell of Unagi sauce. Now Unagi is ready to join with rice. Take the sauced mixed rice and form a triangle. Put a piece of Unagi on the rice then gently grasp the rice and unagi together and it’s ready! It requires a lot of work but this careful process is key to our fluffy and tasty Unagi.

While Unagi Onigiri is served in room temperature at our outlet, warming up with a microwave is also recommended on takeaway occasions. It brings out the yummy smell of sweet sauce flavor. One might not be enough and you’ll be craving for more?!

New menu Crab Onigiri

New Menu Crab Onigiri

Along with Ikura and Unagi, our new Crab Onigiri is added to our menu. At Samurice, we use only snow crab from Kesennuma and not the crab stick (imitation crab meat) you can buy at a store.

Kesennuma prefecture is located at the Sea of Sanriku. It’s where the “Kuroshio current” from equator meets the “Oyashio current” from Okhotsk sea, famous for abundant fishery resources and said to be one of the world’s top three fishing grounds. Snow crab from this nutrient-dense ocean has deep aromatic flavor and sweetness. It’s tasty enough as it is but at Samurice, we add a little mayonnaise to flaked crab meat. Kids love them so much and so does the grown-ups. Crab meat is generously used for filling as well as the topping. As soon as you have your first bight, tasty crab flavor will fill up your mouth. Don’t wait too long to try our new Crab Onigiri.

Samurice’s Delivery Service

We Samurice deliver these Gourmet Onigiris islandwide. Onigiris will be prepared just before the delivery so no worries about losing its freshness. It’s recommended for Birthday Parties or family and friend gatherings as Onigiri is handy like finger foods. Samurice is the only outlet that delivers a variety of Onigiris using Japanese rice.

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