A Secret of Healthy Brown Rice

September 5th, 2018

It is widely known that brown rice is healthy, but how exactly healthy is it?

Throughout this blog I would like to elaborate the reason brown rice is good for your health, how it is different from normal Japanese rice, and how to cook brown rice without losing its taste.


Table of Contents

・Normal Japanese Rice and Brown Rice

・Nutrition of a Brown Rice

・How to cook a Brown Rice

・Recipes for a Brown Rice



Normal Japanese Rice and Brown Rice

Difference between normal Japanese rice and brown rice is their appearances: Normal Japanese rice has a white color, while brown rice has a brown color.


The reason they have a different color is because normal Japanese rice is a processed rice which has thin skin around the rice and embryo been removed from brown rice.


Brown rice is brown because it is wrapped by a thin skin.



Nutrition of Brown Rice

Although brown rice is said to be healthier than a normal Japanese rice, they have almost the same calories; brown rice 247kcal/meal, and white rice 252kcal/meal.


Brown rice is not about its calories, it is about nutrition contained in it.


1, Rich in Fiber

Brown rice contains 5 times more fiber than white rice.

Rich fiber will make your enteral environment better, lower the blood glucose level and cholesterol level.


2, Vitamins and Minerals

It is not easy to take enough vegetables every single day, especially when you are busy. Vitamins and minerals are necessary for your healthy life. Brown rice will supplement your vitamin E and B, iron, magnesium, potassium and so on.


3, Lower the Blood Glucose Level

Some of you might avoid carbonated food such as rice or noodles so that you don’t take too much glucose. You don’t have to worry about glucose if you choose brown rice! It takes time to process brown rice’s glucose than normal Japanese rice, so the blood glucose level will remain lower.



How to Cook a Brown Rice


As you can see, brown rice is obviously a healthier choice.

Before you rush to your kitchen and start cooking brown rice, I’d like to show you how to cook brown rice properly.

The most important thing is to use a pressure cooker.


Some rice cooker is able to cook a brown rice too, but a pressure cooker is the most effective cooker to use when it comes to cooking a brown rice.


Since brown rice has thin skin and embryo, it absorbs more water than Japanese rice.

It is important to put more water than usual.


It takes more than 6 hours during summer time, and 12 hours in winter for brown rice to absorb water. If you skip this process, it would be harder to acquire a soft texture.


Moreover, adding a pinch of salt will takes away a smell brown rice has, which makes it more delicious.


Using a pressure cooker and taking enough time for a brown rice to absorb water will lead your brown rice to be nice and soft rice.

Cooking brown rice in a proper way will make brown rice taste better, and it is essential for healthy food to taste good.



Recipes for Brown Rice


Now we know how to cook brown rice properly, so let’s move on to the next level!


Although cooked with a pressure cooker, the distinctive texture of brown rice remains. Recipes below will help you enjoy brown rice.



1Rice Salad


Rice salad is the best kick starter for you to enjoy arranging your brown rice recipe.


All you have to do is to mix up your favorite vegetables, nuts and brown rice.

Adding olive oil or vinegar can make your rice salad more interesting.


It should be fun to try new stuff and sometimes improvise and enjoy the consequences.


2Tomato Risotto


Next recipe is everyone’s favorite, tomato risotto!


Compared to white rice, brown rice is less sticky, which is perfect for risotto, curry rice or fried rice.

These kinds of recipes can lower the bar of brown rice for those who are not used to the texture of brown rice.


3Brown Rice Ginger Cookie


Cooking brown rice as a meal is good enough, but sometimes it is necessary to take a break from living a stoic life.

Brown rice ginger cookies are the best choice to enjoy a healthy life.


Brown rice and ginger cookie has a distinctive crunchy texture that cannot be seen in any other types of cookies.


Having a brown rice is a great choice to live a healthy life, but it is sometimes inevitable to indulge yourself in cravings.


Let’s not push yourself too much to focus on brown rice and don’t forget about having a perfectly balanced life of stoic and fun at the same time.




As you can see, brown rice is a healthier choice compared to white rice.

It is important to have a healthy life, but that cannot happen without a good food.

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