5 SAMURICE Bento You Should Try

September 27th, 2018

SAMURICE has been creating bentos that reflects Japanese food culture and serving Singapore Japanese culture.


Although all of our bentos are great products, there are 5 bentos that represents SAMURICE bentos.



1、Karaage Onigiri Bento

First recommended bento is called “Karaage Onigiri Bento”


Karaage and onigiri are most popular food for bento.

Karaage is a Japanese fried chicken, which has a slight soy sauce flavor. Karaage is not mere a fried chicken, but its chicken is soaked into special sauce made of soy sauce.


For onigiri in this bento, you can choose 2 of your favorite fillings from over 10 different choice.


Adding to Karaage and Onigiri, there are many side dishes made of vegetables so that you can have a perfectly balanced meal at once.



2、Lady’s Healthy Bento

Love fried food, but too worried about taking too much calories?

Here is a solution for your worries!


“Ladies Healthy Bento” is a bento that has no more than 500 kcal!


This bento is slightly smaller than a regular bento, and has more vegetables than any other ingredients. There are a piece of Karaage, Saba and egg, but other side dishes are all vegetables!


Plus, there is a green tea “Ayataka”, registered as a Healthier Choice, which will help your healthy life!


Other than “Lady’s Healthy Bento”, most of our bentos are fish oriented, which is healthier than meat.



3、Nine Seasoned Bento

Looking for a perfect OMOTENASHI food for your special guest?


“Nine Seasoned Bento” is a perfect choice!

“Nine Seasoned Bento” has a special kind of bento box, which has 9 boxes inside the box.


Each room has one flavor, and the way it looks is ultimately gorgeous. This bento is not only focused on the taste of bento, but the aesthetic of the food.


The box has different rooms for each food so that the scent of each food does not ruin other food’s scent. For example, Sakura Prone Mixed Rice has distinctive and fantastic scent, but that scent could ruin other food next to it.


Showing respect for each food is one of the essential sense in Japanese culture.


Our Nine Seasoned Bento has saba, prone and root vegetables that represent Japanese traditional food culture.

Recreation of taste and presentation of this bento is perfect for any special occasion.



4、Simmered Tofu Fritters Bento


Next up is “Simmered Tofu Fritters Bento”!

“Simmered Tofu Fritter” is called “Gan-mo (がんも)” in Japanese, which is made of crushed tofu mixed with root vegetables and mushrooms, and fried.


“Simmered Tofu Fritter” is part of the Buddhist cuisine which is a cuisine trying to avoid killing animals. “Simmered Tofu Fritter” was invented to replace the meat so that people can eat food without hurting other livings.


This bento does not include any meat, so it is strongly recommended for vegetarian or those who prefer vegetable oriented bento.



5、Makunouchi Bento


Last but not least, Makunouchi Bento is also recommended!

Makunouchi Bento is named after Kabuki play during Edo Era, when audiences and actor ate this bento between the acts of play.


Once railroad system developed, this Makunouchi Bento style was inherited as Ekiben (a bento people eat during long train trip), and it is still one of the most popular bento style in Japan.

We strive to reflect Japanese food culture into our bento so that more and more people can enjoy Japanese culture.


Please enjoy our meal by ordering online from the link below.



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