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October 25th, 2018

The article published a while ago called How to Choose a Corporate Bento explained how to choose a lunch meeting bento according to a difference of cultural backgrounds, so please check it as well!


In this article, I’d like to introduce perfect lunch meeting bentos for you!


Table of Contents

・Samurai Gozen

・Red Snapper Yuzu Bento

・Nine Seasoned Bento

・SAMURICE Delivery Service


Samurai Gozen

When it comes to preparing for a lunch meeting, you have many things to concern, and the suitable bento differs depending on the participants of the meeting.


With our Samurai Gozen, you can arrange a meeting that is perfect for your guests.

We have 3 different types of Samurai Gozen; regular, special and premium.

△Samurai Gozen (Regular)

Samurai Gozen Regular includes Simmered Tofu, Fish Sausage and more side dishes. Salted Salmon is on top of the rice, which makes this bento rich and special.

It also has fruits such as grapes and oranges, which are perfect for a dessert after lunch.


△Samurai Gozen (Special)

This is Samurai Gozen (Special).

In addition to the side dishes of Regular Samurai Gozen, it has chicken hamburg and fried prawn.

Plus, instead of rice, there are Maki Roll Sushi and Inari Sushi, which makes this bento so special.


△Samurai Gozen (Premium)

This plate is Samurai Gozen Premium, the high ranked bento.


One of the best features of this bento is Ungai (eel) on the rice with chopped egg. This Unagi (eel) is grilled at the kitchen of the shop!

Other than Unagi (eel), there are prawn, simmered tofu and fried food that makes this bento a genuine Japanese authentic bento!


Samurai Gozen Series are available online!

We deliver our bento to wherever in Singapore!

You are one click away from perfect lunch meeting experience!




Red Snapper Yuzu Bento

Next up is a bento with Red Snapper, one of the most famous food in Japan.

Red Snapper has been one of the important food in Japanese New Year Dish, Osechi.

It is because the word Red Snapper is “Tai” in Japanese, and the word is hidden in another Japanese term “Medetai”, which means happy or celebration.

This kind of word playing essence can be seen in many other Japanese food culture.

This blessing food Red Snapper is the main dish of this bento.


Red Snapper is marinated with a portion of cooking wine, soy sauce, mirin, and yuzu. This method is one of the traditional way to cook a fish.


This bento is full of Japanese culture and food traditions, which tells how perfect this bento is for Omotenashi!





Nine Seasoned Bento

Last but not least, Nine Seasoned Bento!

This bento has a special box that has different rooms for 9 each ingredient.

The box is made to avoid ingredients next to each other ruin each other.


Nine Seasoned Bento has a Japanese food spirit that make sure each food and ingredient is safe.


Inside is mixed rice of Sakura Ebi, prawn, salted Saba fish and other sea foods!


Nine Seasoned Bento is a perfect Omotenashi bento!



SAMURICE Delivery Service

Bento for lunch meeting is crucial to be on time at the right place.

You can trust our SAMRUICE Delivery Service!


We have been taking many orders with big number of bentos!

We also deliver your bento anywhere in Singapore.


Enjoy our Omotenashi Bento!



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