New Launch, Three Recommended Corporate Bento

February 27th, 2019

It’s nice to have several variations for corporate bento especially when the meetings are held on a regular basis. It can prompt up the conversation and everybody loves having choices.
In this article I will introduce three choices of delicious Japanese bento recommended for corporate bento. All newly launched and delivery is available island wide. Check it out and save it for your next corporate bento!

Affordable Beef Sukiyaki Bento

Rich soy sauce flavored beef sukiyaki goes so well with rice. Try it with soft-boiled egg, you’re be addicted to it. Tasteful sukiyaki is paired nicely with light vegetable for well-balanced meal.

Now you can enjoy delicious Japanese sukiyaki at an affordable price! This will definitely be a great bento choice for your next meeting.

Hearty Chicken Nanban Bento

Crispy batter and juicy chicken, chicken nanban bento is everybody’s favorite.
A hint of Japanese hot spice brings out the piquant flavor which gets you hooked on the taste.
Enjoy it with finely sliced cabbage and tartar sauce, hearty and satisfying.

Especially recommended for male customer who needs the power to keep going through the afternoon.

Vegetarian Friendly Steamed Vegetable Bento

We’re pleased to introduce this new vegetarian friendly bento. It comes with variety of steamed vegetables such as sweet potato, pumpkin, paprika, lotus root and green peas, accompanied by our home-made tartar sauce and Hokkaido-konbu(kelp).

For this bento, we serve not white but healthy brown rice with pinch of salt that will stimulate your appetite. Recommended for both our vegetarian customers and health-conscious customers. Also, I want to add that brown rice can keep you from getting sleepy as it has the effect of preventing sudden rise of blood sugar level.

Perfect for corporate bento isn’t it?

Delivery available island wide. Convenient delivery service.

We Samurice deliver delicious Japanese bento to Singapore customer island wide.
Delivery charge is from $10, minimum order from $60. So you don’t need large quantity to order.
(Delivery conditions are subjected to changes without prior notice. Please check our online store)

Order available from Samurice online store.

Looking forward to receiving your order!

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