How to choose a Corporate Bento – In four different situation

July 9th, 2018

Have you ever been asked to arrange orders of Corporate Bento for from your boss?
Unlike a Bento that you order for yourself, a Corporate Bento has many things to think about such as, purpose of the meeting, budget, number of participants, age group, gender, preferences, food culture etc.
Especially in Singapore, there are many occasions where different races gather and meet at one place and need to consider their food restrictions.
How can we choose Corporate Bento that can satisfy all participants?
Here are introduction to four different situations and points to keep in mind.

1, Luxury Bento for executive meeting

Singapore is a country where many company set up their headquarters.
Directors from Japan and other countries visit Singapore to participate in executive meetings or important negotiations.
In order to entertain business executives, Corporate Bento for guests may be necessary.

How to choose the most suitable Bento within the budget

Cost reduction / efficient management is an important management task for any company, and executive board meeting is no exception as it is an internal meetings. So the premise for choosing Corporate Bento for executive meeting would be to select the best Bento within the budget.
Samurice offers a Bento that satisfies both taste and presentation within $ 20.

Health conscious menu

Some managers who are health conscious maybe avoiding carbohydrate and other oily food.
While Samurice offers Bento that contains delicious Japanese rice, the amount of rice can be reduced and prepare Corporate Bento with less amount of rice.

Most popular Bento is Shokado Bento ($ 15).
The amount of rice is comparatively less than other lunch boxes and contains various types of side dishes.
It is one of the Corporate Bento that most everyone could enjoy.

Bento with Topic

For visitors who came to Singapore, there may be times when you want to offer Bento with some topic that reflect the special occasion.
We can prepare Bento that incorporates Singaporean cuisine, while keeping the deliciousness of Japanese food.
In the past, we have created a menu that incorporated Singapore specialty, chicken rice.
Please send a special request to

2, In-house lunch meeting

In order to achieve an open-minded well organized work team, communication between staff is essential.

As the existence of a word “Nominication” (a word blend of drinking and communication) shows, social gatherings were often held at night. These days, however, the trend is shifting towards private life centered prompting companies to hold gatherings during office hours such as lunch time. Moreover, Japanese style “Nomikai” (drinking gathering) may not be well accepted in Singapore, giving more reason for companies to have team building gatherings at lunch time.

Bento that pleases ladies

Some ladies have difficulty joining the drinking gathering which is held at night but have no problem attending at lunch time. So why not order Bento that pleases ladies?
Samurice can prepare Bento that meets ladies concern such as calories and portion.

Lady’s Healthy Bento is a Bento that contains variety of rich side dishes in small portion.
Total calories are less than 500 kcal, and have been receiving many positive comments from ladies.

Easy-to-eat conference friendly Bento

Having relaxing lunch meeting may not always be the case. Some lunch meetings are set as to meet time efficiency, reasonably taking lunch while attending a conference meeting.
Corporate Bento for these occasions should be handy, ones that don’t get in the way when going through materials or watching slides.
Onigiri Bento or sandwich Bento is perfect for these meetings as you can hold food in one hand while turning pages with the other.

3, Easy packed Bento for training and seminars

In-house training is carried out separately from ordinary work, and since it is often over a long period of time, participants may get tired from usual circumstances coupled with unfamiliar surroundings.
In such a case, it is important to choose an appropriate Bento in order to conduct training efficiently.

Win-win Bento – Satisfying both participants and organizer

So what would be an appropriate choice in order to satisfy the participants while keeping the price within the budget?
Samurice’s Karaage Bento is a standard, the most popular Bento.
Karaage Bento is set at a reasonable price and loved among men and women of all age group.

Bento request for large order

Some seminars are large, exceeding 100 participants and more. But ordering large number of Bento can create some stress such as… is there a supplier who accepts these large orders in Singapore? Are they reliable, will the Bento arrive safely on time etc…But no worries, we Samurice have been receiving and delivering numbers of large orders that exceed 300meals. So please give us a call and we will be happy to assist you.

4, Halal, vegetarian corresponded Bento

Singapore’s unique challenge is that because people from different countries and religions gather in this small country, there are also various food restrictions.
You might wonder if it’s possible to arrange a delicious Japanese bento while following different food restrictions.
Also, there may be concerns that ordering from different suppliers (Halal and other) would create complicated administrative work like exchanging many e-mails and keeping track of each invoice.

Authentic Japanese cuisine without using meat and fish

As you know, vegetarians avoid eating meat and fish. Meat includes every kind of meat. Weather its beef, pork, chicken, mutton venison or whale meat, regardless of type of animal, all kinds of meat have to be avoided. Same goes for fish. Not just typical fish such as salmon and tuna, but also crustaceans like shrimp and crab, shellfish, plus ikura and cod roe are included as well.

Moreover, regardless of cooking method, if the ingredients contain any kind of meat or fish, they cannot be eaten.

So for instance if the ingredients include katsuo dashi (soup made from bonito) or chicken broth, the food cannot be consumed by vegetarians.

You might be skeptical weather it’s possible to realize delicious vegetarian Japanese cuisine without using dashi, en essential ingredient for preparing Japanese cuisine.

Samurice creates vegetarian Japanese Bento while keeping authentic taste. This is realized by various creativity such as making dashi from tofu and mushrooms.

Please try our vegetarian Bento for multinational conference.

Halal Bento, a Bento that is difficult to find in Japanese cuisine

Japanese food culture have been and still is a culture where very little taboo exists. It was not until recently that the word Halal became familiar among Japanese people.
In Singapore, Halal food itself is widespread. But, when it comes to Japanese food category, there is almost none.
Samurice is one of the few Bento suppliers that offer different kinds of Japanese Halal corresponded Bento.

We would greatly appreciate if you would consider Samurice’s for your next conference Bento.

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