History of Food Delivery

September 25th, 2018

In the modern society, food delivery is part of our life that cannot be cut apart. Warm food is one phone call or one tap away, and it is hard to imagine a life without food delivery service. But how well do we know about this awesome industry? Let’s find out how did it started and how is it going to be in the future.


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History of Food Delivery

The history of food delivery begins back in Ancient Roma, where the takeout begun, which was a common way to eat food at home that is cooked at somewhere else, before the food delivery emerge. In ancient Rome, it was common that people live in house without a kitchen because they cannot afford it. Take out begun for those who are poor who cannot afford kitchen for their own house.


In 14 century Paris, butcher delivered their fresh meat to each residence.



The first delivery pizza was born in 1889, Napoli. “I’d love to enjoy hot and fresh pizza, but I’d rather stay at home if packed into crowded place is what it takes.” What Queen Margarita said lead to the very first pizza delivery in the world. The world famous pizza with tomato, basil and mozzarella is named after Queen Margarita.


On the other side of the world, Indian entrepreneur Mahadeo Havaii Bachche came up with an idea of delivery service of lunch. It is called dabbawalla and still an huge industry in Mumbai. Office worker businessman had a problem finding a right place to eat lunch due to the religious reasons. Mahadeo came up with an idea that delivering his lunch from his house, cooked by his family, to solve the problem.


During the World War 2 in England, all the kitchens and cooking materials were smashed devastatingly, and food delivery service was a lifeline for most of the citizens.




Japanese Delivery “Demae”


How about in Japan? Did the food delivery service exist in Japanese history?


In Japanese history, food delivery service was popular during Edo Era(1603〜1868).

Food delivery service was called “Demae (出前)” and it was so common that it was often drawn on “Ukiyoe(浮世絵)”, Japanese traditional paintings.


“Demae” continued to thrive in Showa Era, and thanks to the emerge of bicycle, food delivery thrived more and more. Demae in this time period delivered more than 20 to 30 dishes for one delivery, so a driver often put all the dishes stacked on their shoulder and riding a bike at the same time.


They even had a competition of feed delivery that they compete how many stacks they could make or how beautiful it looks.


However once car was introduced to Japanese society, it has become quite dangerous to ride a bike with 50 dishes on his shoulder. Hence “Demaeki(出前機)” was invented to stack dishes behind the motorcycle. The box that dishes are contained is called “Okamochi(岡持ち)”





Food Delivery in the Modern Society


As you can see, food delivery has been altering and supporting our life, and now the style of food delivery is shifting once again.


Rise of the smartphones has altered the way of food delivery service forever.


Food delivery in old days were made by a phone call, directly to the restaurant, and then the employee of the restaurant delivers the food by himself.


Now the procedure of the food delivery is completely different.

First, the order is made by the app, and once the food is ready, driver registered for the app is chosen randomly and picks up the food and deliver it to your house.


Because of the app and the smartphone, now delivery service is available for those restaurants which did not have a delivery service.


Delivery in the app is usually done by a delivery fee (about S$3) + a charge for food (around minimum S$25). You can even set a delivery time and there are some coupons for those are new to the service. In Singapore, most of those apps are Halal and Vegetarian friendly.


Deliveroo and Foodpanda is the most popular food delivery service in Singapore, and each service has different delivery charges and minimum purchase.


Onigiri and bento by SAMURICE is available on Deliveroo, Grabfood, and Foodpanda.



Delivery and Catering Service at SAMRUICE

Bento and onigiri by SAMURICE is perfect from for your lunch to for bento for your meeting.


Although bento and onigiri from SAMURICE is available on Deliveroo and Foodpanda, we also have our own delivery service.


Our delivery service can offer you some more advantages than the other food delivery service can.


First of all, our delivery service can cover the entire country of Singapore.

Second of all, since we take order 3 days prior to the day that food is delivered, our bento is perfect for the important lunch meeting that you have to plan ahead.


For lunch meeting, you have to consider about the number of the participants or maybe you will need to order both usual lunch and Halal friendly lunch.

If that is the case, SAMRUICE delivery service is the best choice!


Some bento is Halal friendly, which is perfect for your lunch meeting or parties.

Other than bento and onigiri, we have a party plate that can be used for buffet party.


Order online now and enjoy our bento and onigiri!



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