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January 9th, 2019

Tropical island Singapore is a place where BBQ is possible all year round. Most Condos are equipped with BBQ pit and I’m sure many of you enjoy BBQ with friends, family or office staff.
If you are a host for BBQ party, all you need is to prepare food to grill and it seems quite simple. But if you want something other than BBQ meat, something to nibble while grilling the meat, this means extra cooking. It could be troublesome if you are expecting many guests. In such occasion, Samurice’s catering menu will come in useful. We deliver throughout Singapore island wide, directly to your condo’s function room and BBQ pit.

BBQ Catering Menu

Start with nibbling Karaage Party Plate

Karaage Party Plate

Most everybody drinks while grilling the meat, I’m sure. But while grilling the meat and getting started it’s nice to have something to nibble, like finger food. Samurice’s Karaage Party Plate is perfect in a situation like this.

Karaage is Samurice’s signature menu, all homemade using original house recipe. Chicken for karaage is prepared a day before. We dip the chicken in a sauce made from soy sauce, mirin, sake, sugar, grated garlic and ginger for one night. After the sauce is well soaked into the chicken, we season it with salt and pepper. Then coat the chicken with starch and deep fry it. It requires step by step preparation and also time-consuming but this is a secret to our crispy outside juicy inside karaage.

Think about frying karaage at home. It’s such a hassle and troublesome. Samurice’s Karaage Party Plate has generously 30 pieces of karaage. What a great deal. No wonder Karaage Party Plate is the most popular menu out of all the catering menu. I guarantee you that Karaage Party Plate will make everyone happy.

Time-saving Salad Plate

Time-saving Salad Plate

With tasty yet heavy BBQ meat, people might want something refreshing. Like salad for example. Colorful fresh salad is appreciated especially if you have many female guests. But preparing salad is somewhat time-consuming. It requires buying vegetables at a supermarket, washing them and cutting them. It’s also not as economical as you may think because after buying vegetables, such as lettuce, cucumber, paprika, tomato etc. you will probably end up with a lot of waste.

So, it’s a practical choice to order Samurice’s Salad Plate. It’s not too big or too small. You can adjust your order depending on the number of guests you have. Let me also point out that hardboiled egg is included so kids will love them.
Enjoy our salad and enjoy well-balanced BBQ meal.

Plain Onigiri Set

Plain Onigiri Set

Some of you may enjoy yaki-Onigiri (grilled Onigiri) at BBQ. This is why Samurice offer Plain Onigiri set with no filling or seaweed for yaki-Onigiri. The yaki-Onigiri set was added to our menu after receiving so many requests from our customer.
If you try to prepare Onigiri for yourself, it could be painful. First, you have to cook rice at your place and then carry heavy rice to the BBQ pit. Then you have to make Onigiri one by one. What a work!

We Samurice pride ourselves in using only delicious Japanese rice for Onigiri. Plain rice with salt and without filling or seaweed is such a treat. We offer a set menu of Onigiri but we also receive orders by pieces so you can decide the number of Onigiri according to your guests. Yaki-Onigiri is delicious itself. Enjoy plain yaki-onigiri to accompany grilled meat or, you can add some soy sauce or miso and make your original yaki-Onigiri. That would be a real treat of BBQ.

Samurai’s Delivery Service

We provide delivery service island wide. Think about going shopping for all the food and carrying back all of them. It could be so much hassle. We deliver directly to each room, to condo’s function room and BBQ pit. Consider using our service and your BBQ could be so much smart and a lot more enjoyable!

Delivery is available through the online store ( or email:

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