Best Onigiri for Party

October 17th, 2018

When it comes to hosting a party or school event, there are many things to prepare.


Out of anything that you have to consider about, one of the trickiest questions are: “What should I have for food?”


This article is to show you why Onigiri is the best choice for party, and the best onigiri flavor for party.


Table of Contents

・Why Onigiri?

・Classic Onigiri

・Fun Onigiri

・Delivery Service of SAMURICE


Why Onigiri?

There are many options for party food, but out of those options, onigiri is the one recommended, and here is why;


first of all, onigiri is easy to eat.

During a party or an event, there are so many people in one place. Easier to eat, easier to serve. Onigiri is already separated for each person, so it is easier to eat food compared to big dish.


Second point is “Omotenashi”


Most important thing that party host is concerned about is if his/her guests having fun.

We have many different onigiri flavor, and it can be an exciting experience to choose and find one favorite flavor of onigiri from many different choices.

We always make sure that our onigiri ingredients are genuine and high-quality so that we can serve our customers with best quality of Japanese food.


Now we move on to the most recommended onigiri flavor for party.



Classic Onigiri

First thing first, these are the most classic Japanese onigiri flavors.

All of them perfectly match with Japanese rice.


・Roasted Salmon

Roasted salmon is one of the most classic onigiri flavor in Japan.

Soft, fluffy and salty salmon is perfect for Japanese rice!




Japanese cuisine is based on Dashi, a cooking stock.

Seaweed marinated with sweet and sour sauce is one of the best fit for Japanese rice!

This flavor is vegetarian friendly at the same time, so your vegetarian friend can enjoy our onigiri!



・Mentaiko (Spicy Cod Fish Roe)

Mentaiko is popular among Singaporean because it is spicy.

SAMURICE onigiri is made of ingredients that are genuine and high quality. We use Mentaiko by a company called FUKUYA, which is the first Mentaiko company in Japan.



Fun Onigiri

The most important thing in party is to have fun.

It is important that your guests have fun, including food.


Now I introduce 3 onigiris that is fun and perfect for party!


・Curry Karaage

Karaage is a fried chicken in Japan, and one of the most beloved dishes in Japan.

This onigiri has a filling of karaage, seasoned with curry taste.



・Saba Chili Mayo

Saba is a traditional Japanese fish that has been one of the main focus of Japanese cuisine.

This onigiri filling is a saba fish marinated with chili and mayonnaise.

This flavor is not a classic flavor, but it is surely a good taste filling that your guests can savor and enjoy.


・Salmon Wasabi

This onigiri has wasabi in it, which makes this onigiri for adults.

A mixture of spicy wasabi, salmon and mild mayonnaise is best for those who cannot be satisfied with normal onigiri.

This onigiri is also a popular flavor among Singaporeans.



Delivery Service of SAMURICE

There are so many things to prepare that it is not easy to bring all foods you need to the place.

SAMURICE has a perfect delivery service for you!


We deliver our food anywhere in Singapore.

We take an order that involves large number of onigiri or bento, which makes our delivery service perfect for any kind of events or parties.


We especially recommend Party Plate for events or parties.

There are many different plate such as 11 random onigiris chosen by our staff, karaage plate and side dish plates as well!


We even have a salad plate so that your guests can enjoy healthy and vegetarian food!


Please feel free to order our party sets and enjoy party!



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