4 Reasons SAMURICE Bento is a Perfect Choice

September 25th, 2018

SAMURICE strive to serve tasty and aesthetic Japanese bento in Singapore.


In Singapore, it is not hard to spot Japanese restaurant or ramen shop.


But out of all of those Japanese shops, there are 4 definite reasons why you should choose SAMURICE to enjoy Japanese munchies.


1, Always Healthy


There are many things to consider when it comes to choosing your lunch, but health is one of the important aspects.


Even if you found your perfect lunch, you might want to pull your hand back by being scared of consuming too much calories.


It is such a great thing to give up what you want for your own good, but what if you don’t have to?


SAMURICE offer perfectly healthy bento so that you can enjoy both food and healthy life.


For instance, this “Lady’s Healthy Bento” has less than 500 kcal.

Although there is a piece of Karaage in the lunch box, there are many side dishes of vegetables or eggs so that your calories can add up.


It is an important thing to enjoy your food to live a truly healthy life, and SAMURICE can make it happen.


Furthermore, by ordering online, we can switch Japanese rice to brown rice.

We strongly recommend brown rice as a healthy choice because it contains more minerals and vitamins than Japanese rice.


If you want to find out more facts about brown rice, please visit the link.




One of the features of SAMURICE bento is that we try to bring Japanese food culture as genuine as possible.


When we serve our product, we try to recreate not only its taste but also its presentation.


Japanese food has such a beautiful presentation, and that is one of the aspects that we try to recreate in Singapore.

△松花堂弁当(Nine Seasoned Bento)


This Nine Seasoned Bento has iconic bento box. Each space has different side dish and each side dish has its own color and looks.


Our bento, a perfect recreation of the aesthetic Japanese bento is the best match for your special occasion.


3, Vegetarians and Halal Friendly


Because we would like to reach out as more people as possible, it is inevitable to consider about diversity.


We offer vegetarian or Halal friendly bento so that more and more people can enjoy Japanese food.

△”Simmered Tofu Fritters Bento (京風がんもの含め煮弁当)” for vegetarians


This bento does not involve any meats so that vegetarians can enjoy our food.

Each vegetarian has different rules and principles, so we can customize our bento for each vegetarian if ordered online and send us a description.


We have many Halal bentos such as;

△Makunouchi Bento (幕の内弁当)

△Unagi Jyu (うな重)


Each citizen of Singapore has different cultural backgrounds, and it is important to embrace our differences. We will keep striving to serve as more people as we can.


4, Delivery Service, Anytime, Anywhere

We have such a great bento, but our feature is not only in our food.


SAMURICE has our original delivery service which can deliver food anywhere in Singapore.


Our bento is perfect for your meeting bento, because our bento is delicious even if it gets cold, and we can handle many orders.


These are reasons why you should choose SAMURICE for your Japanese food service.


Enjoy our healthy and vegetarian or Halal friendly bento which represents the aesthetic Japanese cuisine.





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