4 Japanese Bento Recommended for Lunch Meeting

October 8th, 2018

For a business person, meeting is one of the most important aspects of doing business with others.


Lunch meeting is one of the ways to communicate frankly and relaxed with colleagues or business partners, compared to usual meetings.


This article is to introduce 5 bento that is perfect for lunch meeting.



White Fish Seaweed Bento

First bento is White Fish Seaweed Bento!

Seaweed Bento is a bento that has Okaka(fish floss) underneath the seaweed sheet, and side dishes are on top. It is one of the most traditional bento in Japan.


We use Okaka(fish floss) of Ninben, one of the most sophisticated Japanese ingredient brand in Japan.


Anything can be a side dish for Seaweed Bento, but some the most typical side dishes are fried white fish, fish sausage and seasoned root vegetables.


Enjoying many different tastes and textures is one of the features of Japanese bento. Enjoy White Fish Seaweed Bento with our hand-made tartar sauce and the combination of many different side dishes!




Chicken Hamburg Bento

Next up is a Chicken Hamburg Bento!

This hamburg is made of chicken meat, not beef.

Chicken meat has less fat and more protein than beef meat, which is perfect for those who are on diet or athlete.


Hamburg is a hand made in kitchen at outlets, and is free from additives, which does not harm your health.


Enjoy our healthy yet delicious Chicken Hamburg Bento!


New Samurai Bento

New Samurai Bento is kind of a bento you can enjoy both fried food and healthy vegetables at the same time.

Fried prone looks like a western dish, but eventually it was first invented in Japan.

It is said that the fusion of Tempura, an Edo cuisine, and fried fish, a western dish in the late 1880s gave a birth to Fried Prone. Fried prone is a fusion of 2 different cultures.


This bento has Salted Saba, fried prone and 4 pieces of karaage. It seems like there are many fried foods, but there are many vegetables as well, which can keep your food healthy. This bento is recommended for those who are looking for a lunch that can fulfill your appetite and healthy life at the same time.



Onigiri Bento

This Onigiri Bento is a simple bento that has 2 different onigiri, karaage, egg and other side dishes.

Karaage, one of the most popular bento side dishes in Japan, and 2 onigiris are the highlights of this bento. The bento has simple yet satisfying quality as a bento.


Of course, you can choose any kind of fillings for onigiris and customize each bento for each person, which makes this bento perfect for lunch meeting, where many different people attend.




Having lunch together and sharing a moment is one of the most important ways to communicate with others.

We offer bento and onigiri delivery service, anywhere in Singapore, which means our bento and onigiri is not only for lunch meeting but usual lunch at office.

Enjoy fun yet productive communication with our Samurice bento!



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